Consultancy & Advice

Consultancy & Advice

Helping You Make Informed Decisions

Consultancy & Advice

Property ownership and occupation matters to businesses.

Our consultancy service covers a wide range of topics for businesses, whether owner occupiers, investor landlords or business tenants. We seek to provide our clients with advice and solutions that will help, be it to maximise value, mitigate a potential loss, respond to impending legislative changes, or to consider the options when a property is no longer working for the client, or at least as well as it could do.

The issues that we are asked to advise on are myriad, but include such things as:

  • Lease restructure negotiations when tenants wish to secure a longer term
  • The effect on value of building improvements and who should pay for them
  • Relocation when a business wants to expand or downsize
  • Compulsory purchase compensation
  • Business Rates liability and ensuring that Rating Assessments are correct
  • Sub-letting options when a property is temporarily too large for current needs
  • Likely dilapidation liabilities when leases are coming to an end

Our first-hand knowledge of the market, combined with our extensive property experience, make us well placed to look at a situation with a fresh mind and advise on the property options available to take the business forward with confidence in any agreed plan.

By taking early professional advice you can make informed decisions, so if you have a property problem that we may be able to help you solve, please contact Peter Layer in the first instance.

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson MRICS
Property Management &
Professional Services
DD: 01223 346195
Email: Click Here

Chartered Surveyor, with over 45 years' experience of dealing with all aspects of commercial property, having been based in the Cambridge area throughout this period.

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Property Management
  • Providing Strategic Advice
  • Development Consultancy
  • Rent Reviews
  • Lease Renewals
  • Business Rates Consultancy